single door with low-E glass and kickplate
GID Bronze Modern Iron Front Single Door with Kickplate ED118 - Gloryirondoors
GID Bronze Modern Iron Front Single Door with Kickplate ED118 - Gloryirondoors
GID Bronze Modern Iron Front Single Door with Kickplate ED118 - Gloryirondoors
GID Bronze Modern Iron Front Single Door with Kickplate ED118 - Gloryirondoors
GID Bronze Modern Iron Front Single Door with Kickplate ED118 - Gloryirondoors
GID Bronze Modern Iron Front Single Door with Kickplate ED118 - Gloryirondoors
GID Bronze Modern Iron Front Single Door with Kickplate ED118 - Gloryirondoors
GID Bronze Modern Iron Front Single Door with Kickplate ED118 - Gloryirondoors


GID Bronze Modern Iron Front Single Door with Kickplate ED118

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Iron Door Buying Guide

Glory Iron Doors has been focusing on making the best quality wrought iron doors for our valued customers since 2001. We provide design inspirations and also accept custom design and custom sizes. 

Here are some information for you.

If you would like to get a door drawing from us, after confirming the door size and jamb size, you can choose the other iron door specs options, like door color, glass finish, handle and lock set , etc. And then send the options to us. Our technicians will make the drawing for you according the options. 

If you are not sure about the door size and jamb size,  you can refer to our iron door size guide.

If you are struggling with the iron door color, you can order an iron color sample to check first. 

Any concerns, feel free to contact us. We are always here to help you. Pls contact us at 

About Product:

This durable GID Bronze Modern Iron Front Single Door with Kickplate ED118 is designed to provide both style and security. The kickplate enhances the material strength of the door, while the modern iron finish provides an elegant, contemporary touch. With its modern design, this door is perfect for any home. This single door offers excellent value and is equipped with tempered glass and a kickplate for increased insulation and durability.  GID Iron Entry Doors are all made of 12 gauge iron bars and double pane tempered glass. They are the perfect solution for a secure, elegant entryway. Crafted from durable iron with varied iron finish, GID iron doors offer superior protection without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.


Glory Iron Doors provide multiple choices for size, finish, glass, door top design, transom & sidelight, handle & locks. You are the designer of your dream door and we make it happen.


Material: Standard door jamb and slab are made with heavy-duty 12-gauge steel.

Finishes: 7 coats of paint on top of zinc galvanized steel to prevent iron doors from dust & rust.

Scroll Works: 5/8” solid decorative scrolls 100% hand forged by our expert artisans.

Jamb: Standard 2" x 6" jamb injected with high-density polyurethane foam for energy saving.

Glass: All standard exterior iron doors come with dual pane tempered glass 5/8” for great safety.

Glass Window: Operable glass panels on certain styles that can be opened independently from the doors for easy cleaning and ventilation.

Thermal Break: Low conductive material acted as a barrier in the frame to reduce the flow of heat. All standard doors can be upgraded to thermally broken which is a good choice for severe cold winters.

Installation: All our doors come pre-hung for your easy installation.

Custom Service: We provide multiple and flexible custom options on size, finish & glass. Pls contact us at if you have your own design.


The things you may want to know before ordering: 


  • All our wrought iron doors are made to order, and the total price will vary for different sizes and door specs


  • Pls choose the iron door type first and then select all the door specs before you add the door to your cart. 


  • The size listed is the net frame size including jambs and threshold, not just for the door slabs. If you can not find your door size listed, pls contact us at to get your free quote. If you are not sure about the sizes, pls refer to our size guide


  •  Any other concerns, pls refer to our FAQ page or contact us

How Do I Measure My Iron Door?

Ready to add an iron door to your home or business? You’ll likely want to contact a professional (builder or contractor) for measurement and installation, but for a general understanding of how to measure for iron doors, keep reading and you will find it's easy.

The size of iron door is called net frame size or unit size. It is a whole door system that consists of a header jamb, side jambs, and a threshold.

Overview for Jamb Size, Rough Opening Size and Door Size

pre-hung iron door size overview for door and rough opening


About jamb size, it is the measurement of the wall thickness that the door unit will be fitting into, this includes any sheetrock or sheathing/siding that is on the outside as well. 4 9/16", 6" and 6 9/16", are the three jamb sizes that most customers choose. Customized jamb size is also acceptable.

Rough opening size refers to the size of the opening in a wall that is created to accommodate a door. The size is typically larger than the actual size of the door to allow leaving space to install the door.

So, how do you finalize your door size if knowing the rough opening size?
We will recommend the rough opening is at least about 1" wider than the frame size/ unit size and about 1/2" taller.
For example:
Rough Opening Size: 73"x96 1/2" → Door Size: 72"x96"



Here is the way to measure the door:
1. Measure the height of the door from the bottom of the door threshold to the top of the door jamb.

2. Measure the width of the door from the edge of one side of the door jamb to the edge of another side.

As below drawing shown, the overall door size is 72"x96", and you will find the size on our finished door.       



Discover the Complete Package: Door Unit Sets and More!


Handle & Lock

Standard 2 1/8” boring, 5 1/2” center to center, and 2 3/4” backset


Heavy-duty hinges that can support up to 1500 pounds. Greased easily for better use.

Flush Bolts

Pre-installed on double doors to lock the inactive door and leave a main entrance or unlock it for a complete opening.

Mounting Flanges

Come welded on the jamb with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

Weather Stripping

 Sealed around the door frames and glass panels for reducing air infiltration and heat loss.

Door Sweep

Installed on the bottom of door slab, sealing the space to prevent moisture, dust, and insects. You'll even save a bit of money on heating and cooling.


Comes welded on the jamb to prevent water infiltration. Standard 6” wide as the jamb.

Touchup Paints

There will be the small bottles of paints in the package in case you need the touchup in future.



We do not provide the installation service for the moment, so you will need to find a local contractor or installer to install the door for you.

If you can not find your size listed in the size options, you can email us at, and then we will check the price and make the custom link for you to place the order.

Yes, we accept custom designs and custom size. Pls contact us to get your quote.

All our iron doors are pre-hung and size will include the jambs and threshold, so we will recommend the door 1" smaller in width and 1/2" shorter than your rough opening, so that the door can fit in.

For example, if the door unit size will be 72x96, then pls leave the rough opening size 73x96.5.


We ship our doors national wide. The doors will be free shipped to the whole continental US.

Our standard leadtime is 14-16 weeks since the drawing approval date. All our doors are handmade by our artisans, so it needs a reasonable long enough production time.

Yes, we ship to Canada.

Pls advise your detail shipping address, and then we will check the price with freight for you.