What is Thermal Break Iron Doors?

Let's put it simply, thermal break iron doors are the iron doors adding the thermal break material between the iron frames, including the jambs and threshold, helping the iron doors reduce the heat transfer and resist the harsh weather.

Compared to a standard iron doros, thermal break door will cost a bit more. But it's a smart choice for you to get the cozy warm inside your house and not sacrifice the beautiful design.

Should I Add Thermal Break To My Door?

If you are living in a freezing cold or extremly hot place, then it's a must to add the thermal break to your door. In other words, we do not recommend you choose the standard door without thermal break, if you live in the states like PA, NY or MI, etc.

Many customers based in CA or TX also choose the thermal break door for energy efficience and better insulation performance.

It will never go wrong to choose a thermal break iron door.