About The Direction Of The Iron Door Opening

About The Direction Of The Iron Door Opening

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1. What Does The Iron Door Swing Mean?

  The iron door swing refers to the direction the door swings when opened. In other words, door swing determines whether a door swings inward or outward.

  It’s standard for exterior doors to swing inward when standing outside and for interior doors to swing into a bedroom when standing outside the room. In both of these cases, the door is labeled as inswing.

  If you were to pull an exterior door open, meaning it would swing towards you when opened, it would be called an outswing door. Similarly, if you’re facing an interior door from a hallway and have to pull the door open with the door swing coming towards you, it would be labeled outswing.

2.Which Way Should The Iron Door Swing?

  In general, it’s standard for iron door swing direction to be inswing, whether it’s an external or interior door. For an interior door that’s in a hallway, such as a bedroom door, the door swings into the bedroom to avoid disrupting the heavily-trafficked hallway.

  As you can see, inward swinging doors are less likely to disrupt the flow of the household or block furniture or other objects. Because of this, most household and building doors will swing inward rather than swing outward.

  There are exceptions to this common rule of thumb. For example, a small space, such as a closet or pantry door. You want the maximum amount of space available, so the iron door would swing outward instead of inward.

  To determine which direction your door should swing, examine the space in question. If it were to swing outward, would it affect a passageway or come in conflict with any other doors/objects? If it were to swing inward, would it affect the space inside or hit an immovable object.

  There are other things to consider when determining door swing direction. Outward swinging doors are common in senior citizen homes as a safety concern. For instance, if a person were to fall and was unable to get up, their body may resist an inward swinging bathroom door from being opened, preventing them from receiving help.

3. Do Building Codes Specify Which Way a Door Should Swing?

  The International Residential Code does not specify which direction a door should swing. However, there may be local codes in place that you’ll want to check. Commercial buildings also have different codes that could affect door swing directions for a commercial door.

  Standard practice is for most doors to be inward swinging doors. Though, as mentioned, there are a few exceptions to this commonality, such as structural design, safety concerns, and home protection.


  In conclusion, the direction of the iron door opening is an important aspect to consider when designing and installing iron doors, as it affects the ease of use of the door, the efficiency of space utilization, and compliance with building codes.