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5 myths of custom wrought iron doors

Do you find yourself staring at celebrity houses on magazines? Are you looking to build your dream home with wrought iron doors? Then, you have come to the right place!

Over the past few decades, iron doors have gained popularity not only among the rich but also the average American. A fact is that many homeowners prefer to go with the wrought iron doors.Luxury design iron entry doors with fancy scrollwork


We would like to discuss 5 myths about custom iron doors and why they are the perfect today. Many people have misunderstandings about iron doors and we want to clarify those misunderstandings. We will solve the myths and provide the facts about iron doors, so you can see why they are a smart and stylish choice for your home. Let’s discover the benefits of custom iron doors.

  • Myth: Custom wrought iron doors are only for large and expensive homes.

Fact: While wrought iron doors can certainly add an elegant touch to larger homes, they can be installed in homes of any size and style. In fact, custom iron doors can be designed to fit almost any budget and home design.

Fact: Wrought iron doors are actually quite easy to maintain. They require minimal upkeep, such as cleaning and oiling the hinges. Additionally, many modern iron doors are treated with rust-resistant coatings that make them even easier to maintain.

  • Myth: Custom wrought iron doors are heavy and difficult to install.

Fact: While wrought iron doors can be heavy, the installation process is typically straightforward and not overly complicated. Every GID iron Doors are pre-hung and easy to install. Professional installers have the necessary equipment and experience to install iron doors with ease.

  • Myth: Wrought iron doors are not energy efficient.

Fact: While it is true that iron doors can conduct heat and cold, they can still be energy efficient. Modern iron doors can be designed with insulated glass panels and weather-stripping to improve their energy efficiency. And you can add thermal break to your iron doors, which help you resit the cold in Winter. 

  • Myth: Custom wrought iron doors are not customizable.

Fact: On the contrary, custom wrought iron doors are highly customizable. Homeowners can work with designers to create unique designs that reflect their personal tastes and home's style. We are the manufacturer, and accept the csutom design. Iron doors can also be customized with different finishes, glass types, and hardware options.

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Custom iron doors are a versatile and affordable option for any home. They are customizable, easy to open, and provide added security and value. Don’t let the myths about iron doors hold you back from exploring this unique and beautiful option for your home. 

For further information about wrought iron doors and iron door customization options, please feel free to contact Glory Iron Doors!