Upgrade Your Entrance With GID Modern Iron Pivot Doors

Upgrade Your Entrance With GID Modern Iron Pivot Doors

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gloryirondoors steel pivot entry door with frosted glass

Iron pivot door is a type of large, heavy doors that swing on a central pivot point rather than traditional hinges attached to the sides of the door frame. They are commonly used in modern and contemporary architecture to create grand and impressive entrances to buildings or interior spaces.

These doors often made from iron or steel due to their strength and durability, which allows for the creation of large , striking door design. Iron pivot doors can feature various styles, ranging from simple and sleek to intricate and ornate, depending on the architectural and design preferences.

glory iron doors elegant pivot door with sidelights and glass grid

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine which door design to choose, hinged door or pivot door ? Actually both styles are good. But you may want to know the benefits of iron pivot doors.

  1. Durability and Strength: Iron is a robust and durable material, providing excellent longevity for pivot doors. These doors can withstand heavy usage, extreme weather conditions, and resist wear and tear over time.
  2. Impressive Size and Design: Iron pivot doors can be manufactured in large sizes, creating grand entrances that make a bold statement in residential or commercial spaces. The material's strength allows for slim profiles, giving the doors a sleek and modern appearance.
  3. Unique Aesthetic Appeal: Iron pivot doors have a distinct look that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. They can be designed with various patterns, textures, and finishes, allowing for customization to match different architectural styles and interior designs.
  4. Smooth and Easy Operation: The pivot hinge system enables these doors to swing smoothly around a central axis. This feature makes them easy to open and close with minimal effort, even when dealing with large and heavy doors.
  5. Versatility: Iron pivot doors can be used for both interior and exterior applications, serving as impressive entry doors, room dividers, or patio entrances. Their versatility allows them to adapt to various design requirements.


Overall, iron pivot doors combine functionality, durability, and style, making them an attractive option for those seeking a distinctive and impressive entrance solution for their homes or commercial buildings.

glory iron doors large size iron pivot door full glass panel

If you're considering making an iron pivot door for your entrance, it's essential to work with experienced door manufacturers that meets your specific design and performance requirements.

gloryirondoors iron pivot patio door with clear glass

GID has a team of experienced designer and artisans. Not only we make the iron entry doors,  iron french doors,or iron sliding doors, we also make the high quality of iron pivot doors for our customers. We will send you the CAD drawing until you finalize your design and during the door production, we will keep you updated and once the doors are ready, they will be packed carefully and safely ship to you.  

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in replacing or making a new door for your house.