Discover the Complete Package: Door Unit Sets and More!


Handle & Lock

Standard 2 1/8” boring, 5 1/2” center to center, and 2 3/4” backset


Heavy-duty hinges that can support up to 1500 pounds. Greased easily for better use.

Flush Bolts

Pre-installed on double doors to lock the inactive door and leave a main entrance or unlock it for a complete opening.

Mounting Flanges

Come welded on the jamb with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

Weather Stripping

 Sealed around the door frames and glass panels for reducing air infiltration and heat loss.

Door Sweep

Installed on the bottom of door slab, sealing the space to prevent moisture, dust, and insects. You'll even save a bit of money on heating and cooling.


Comes welded on the jamb to prevent water infiltration. Standard 6” wide as the jamb.

Touchup Paints

There will be the small bottles of paints in the package in case you need the touchup in future.